eaight (eaight) wrote,

Reiki Attunement Level 1: The Otherkin Related Post

The level 1 Reiki attumement and subsaquent Reiki session I gave then recieved was so dramatic and lengthy of an experience, I will end up typing about it in small spirts rather than one long entry. The first notable bit is the otherkin facet. Otherkin neither seems more right or wrong to me. The facet itself neither seems more or less there. Otherkin simply seems less important, lover on my list of priorities.

As to stormself, I will opt not to talk about how Reiki is effecting that other than to say the energy is meeting it where it is and being helpful in a gentle and slow progression. Seems there is allot of personal things that need to be worked on here.

Also, I seem to have two new pairs of wings... or old ones were brought out? Anyway, I now have a set of arm wings like those pictures in ancient Egyptian tombs where you have Isis with arm- wings. This is the best description I have. Sorry. Anyway, I don't think these wings have fuck all to do with otherkin. I actually strongly suspect they have to do with energy work and either only feel like wings or are wings but are symbolic of something. They just don't feel connected to any sort of kin self or any other facet of myself even though they are phantom limbs. Yay! Arm wings!
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