eaight (eaight) wrote,

Good Things

Good things happened yesturday. I went shopping with mom and bought some much needed new bed cloths. Boring though it was, It needed to be done. Also, mom finally reembersed me for the MRI she said she would pay for since the accident was her fault. I'd let it go because fighting family over money always rinders terrible results, even if you get the money. Lo and behold, she finally payed me back!

On a level that may be related to Reiki, my shoulder is doing much much better. I'm able to do more around the house and carry more things. I am going to get back into writing.

The forum keeps disappointing me. A conversation about true names was opened, and the local Kemetic scholor puked up the most superficial response.... Why? Granted, I am biased since my attitude about tue magickal namews w/ p0w4z is the polar opposite, but good grief, people! Anyway, I now am trying to formulate a story about a troop of clowns that forget their names and embark on a comical quest of self discovery. There is also a fairly good discussion about the imfamous veil goign on, but even there, some of the responses have gotten farely banal. From this, a similar story idea emerged about a group of would be magicians interpreting an apocolyptic tale in entirely different ways and accomplishing far different results.

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