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Weird Rambling About Energy and Stuff

I'm happy that I'm meeting lots of nice people through Reiki. I had the great luck of being able to go to a Reiki exchange last week. Although I still ow you guys a recount of the tuning, I'll save that for later. I participated in several group treatments and recieved one myself from a small group. We had 8 people and two message tables. I had the dubious distinction of having a huge negative blob in my aura that was thrown out the window... I was also sprayed with rose water... Lo and behold, after the treament, storm self was surfacing, and I had intuitions that I was a very rotten person in the past, that I'd done some very outragous things, things on the level of comic book super villiany. Further, I did it with blades. I kept hearing the old Judas Prist song "The Ripper". No, I don't think I was Jack the Ripper in a past life, and if I did actually do some horrible things in a past life, I know that it's nothing to be ashamed of now. I was successful and releasing allot of negativity, lots of crying... and in spite of my lack of belief in literal gods, I was calling out to Frig in my mind and felt her presence. Well, yes, I'm suggestable, but whatever gets the job done.  I spent the rest of the day and night wanting to get a tattoo of a blue scorpion on my arm, so I may have tapped into a certain universal flow...

This brings me to the otherkin bit. Since the attunement, I've beel closer to storm self, and I now suspect I'm not otherkin so much as I've just been vaugley aware of my shadow self and was just misinterpreting it. Another possibility is that I am called toward a specific strain of the "left hand path", and I am workin out the kinks before I embark upon it.

I was super tired and went to bed early. One of the dreams I had was of one of the practiontioners doing Reiki on me while giving a psychic reading of some kind. She said that D&D fans would expect me to carry Drow weapons and would compare me to Drizzt. I explained to her how I didn't like the character and think that the Drow, although sexy, are ill concieved in many ways. Her reply was that she was just reporting what she felt.

So hopefully mom will call Rob and get an appointlment to have a parasite she thinks is in her removed... I'm not going to get into the entire story, no way, but I STRONGLY suspect there is simply no parasite, and that she is seeking after drama. So, after suggesting she research various things like sage, casting circles, white light meditations, prayer, raw tenacity (my chosen method), shielding.. the whole bit, she will fine every excuse not to. I offtered to Reiki her and her room to which she replied that it might encourage the entity to stay because it's good energy, so all I could do at this point is talk to Robert, who said he'd be happy to remove the parasite through shamanic work at the psychic fair next week. So if mom, who is truely convinced there is a parasite, doesn't persue this (and it can't be too expensive knowing Robert), it just confirms she is in for the drama and that I can't do anything. I'm hoping that the woowoo stuff will convince mom she is all healed and no longer has a parasite and doesn't need to buy Constantinos books to find out about the spooky demons she fears. Under normal circomstances, I'd be impressed and pleased to see her getting into the darker occult liturature because it might mean she's accepting parts of herself most people don't or walking into a path of greater responsibility, but no. She'd buying the books out of fear which is the exactly wrong attitude to go with. How do you banish demons when all you can focus on is demons? *sighs*

But you can only help people who WANT to help, and you can only advise people who really WANT the advice. Responsibility to the responsible.
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