eaight (eaight) wrote,

The Humans and the Cats

The humans are civil, which is a great thing for us. So far, the worst thing my brother has done is talk too much and in a mildly condescending manner. Actually, this is good. I am far less annoyed (read: angry) that I usually was in the past. This sounds pretty dysfunctional on its face, but it's actually a sign of progress.

I'm less optimistic about the 3 cats. Seti (mine) has spent most of the day under mom's bed. Maya (R's) has spent all day under R's bed. Shiva (R's) spent most of the day in R's room. Seti is actually being the worst. He's hissing and moaning quite allot, so I have to watch him and make sure he doesn't flip out, but Shiva is a bitch cat so I hope R keeps an eye out too

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