eaight (eaight) wrote,

Reiki and Kin Stuff

So this is an entry for the public.

I am Reiki- ing myself every day and saying the affirmation like a good little soul on it way to realizing its own Buddha- hood. It's wonderful! I am so floored and happy about how gentle Reiki is. My storm self seems to now spend lots of time ushered away from the rest of me. I'll often get a polite nudge ushering me from giving attention to that part. When it reemerges, it feels like it's been doing lots and lots of healing. Yay! Today, it seeped in this afternoon, and it felt happier and more stable, and yet, I still felt as though it would be depicted as black and that it is, among other things, a storm.

On this note, my idea about the storm self being my misinterpretation of the shadow self was dashed last night in a chat room. If I feared storms, it'd make sense, but gosh, a good house shaking thunderstorm rocks my every lovin' face. So, back to the ol' drawing board.
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