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Thank You!

I wanted to shoot a bit thank you to Kit for the book "The Chicken Kabalah" 

I would hop on Skype, but my health sucks rotten tomato zombie asshole right now. I'm in a super shitty mood. 

I should be in a good mood because of the gift, and it really did brighten my day. If I don't read this, I have no excuse. Well, this what I get when I tell people I am the universe existing within itself. LOL You aren't the first person to suggest I study Kabala, and here I can't even get through Exodus. :) 

I'm a bit humbled (and very greatful) that someone knows me this well... 

Now I have no excuse not to scour the basement looking for that CD rom I got free at a nail shop about Vietnamese Buddhism. 

Still waiting on a certain test, though so far, all signs point to negative. 
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