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I'mportant Health Update (Please Read)

It looks like I just have an infection. It's just been going on for a very long time because I had to stop taking the other antibiotics early. So I've started on a new one and will be taking it for seven days. I'm glad too that today was a pretty good day as far as not being too fatigued. 

So here is the important part: 
1. I may not be on much because I'm going to try spending more time around my family so they can notice if this antibiotic starts making me go crazy like the last one. 
2. If I post anything out of the ordinary, please shoot me a comment telling me so. Last time, I knew to stop taking the drug and call my doctor if I was confused, but I was too damn confused to know that I was confused. So if I post something truely nutty this coming week, tell me! 
3. Send lots and lots and lots of good energy. I'll be meditating and doing Reiki on myself on my end, but it's hard to quet my mind hwen I'm scared of going crazy. Please send good energy and thoughts my way! Thanks! 
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